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Shampoing/soin simple locks                                                           37 €

Soin clarifiant locks                                                                           55 €

Soin hydratant locks                                                                         55 €

Reprise racines twist 1                                                                      55 €

Reprise racines crochet 1                                                                73 €

Coiffure locks                                                                        18 €- 60 €

Coupe stylisée locks                                                                         37 €

Réparation locks à l’unité                                                                   5 €

Fixation locks cassée                                                                           7 €

Création extension locks                                                            sur devis
Démarrage locks                                                                          sur devis

Coiffure Mariage locks                                                                sur devis


Retouches racines                                                  68 €

Décoloration                                                            65 €

Projet couleur                                                    sur devis

Formule Twist 1                                                        68 €

Formule crochet 1                                                   85 €

Lexique LOCKS

Who is Open Arms Care Corporation?

Open Arms Care is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides long term community organized residential support for adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the State of Tennessee. We have been in operation since 1990.

What does Open Arms Care do?

Open Arms Care supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a family atmosphere. We offer 24 hour residential care designed to promote the specific needs of each individual client to lead their best life now. Clients reside in a therapeutic home that promotes individual growth and development, as well as offering participation in Day Programs that include art, music, games, volunteer or employment opportunities. Other services include medical/nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and more. Clients can actively participate in the community in which they live.

How many people do you serve?

We currently serve approximately 300 clients and families in Tennessee. Our 40+ homes are located in community settings in and around the major cities of Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Greeneville, Tennessee.

Is there a financial obligation by family members to place someone with Open Arms Care?

There is no financial obligation on the part of the family. The individual will be enrolled in Tenncare and the payments from the state in addition to a portion of their social security check is all that is required. Talk to one of our admissions representatives if you would like to learn more.

Where do clients live?

Our clients live in residential homes designed to meet the special needs of the population we serve. All homes meet the stringent TN Department of Health requirements for Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF).

Is Open Arms Care considered a nursing home or assisted living?

We are not a nursing home or assisted living. We perform services like a nursing home such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, room and meals, transportation, etc. We also have Day Services Programs, go on outings, some of our clients even have jobs with the support of a Job coach, others participate in community volunteering such as meals on wheels.

A key difference is our individualized service plans include something else, which is referred to as active treatment. Our goal is not just rehabilitative but rather to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their maximum potential and lead dignified and meaningful lives. Everyone is different and has different needs, we seek to address them.

How is Open Arms Care funded?

We are primarily funded by the State of Tennessee, Tenncare program. Additionally, we receive donations for programs and services, which are not covered by those funds, such as special vacations or outings, eyeglasses, dentures, burial expenses.

Once a client becomes a resident, how long can he/she stay at Open Arms Care?

Clients may stay at Open Arms Care as long as they are in need of our services and are eligible for Tenncare. A vast majority have been with us for 20 – 30 years. As of this writing our youngest client was under ten and oldest was over ninety.

How can I find out about employment opportunities at Open Arms Care?

At Open Arms Care, employees are key to the success of our clients. If you have a caring heart and a desire to serve others, please contact the OAC office nearest you or look in the Career section of this website.


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